Anticorrosive Pigments

About Anticorrosive Pigments:

Our grades of Anticorrosive pigments is a leader in the protection of metals. Our product range is among the most comprehensive in the market, customized to fulfill the most demanding needs. With our full range of products i.e. Zinc Chrome, Zinc Phosphate, Strontium Chromate & Zinc Tetroxy Chromate. Our customers have the opportunity to devise the ultimate in anticorrosive coatings for markets like construction, automotive, industrial infrastructures, marine, aerospace and domestic appliances.

Chromic Anhydride (Cr03) 46.00% min.
Strontium Oxide (SrO) 48.0% min.
Oil Absorption 25 ‐ 35
Residue on 43 Micron Sieve 0.5% max.
Conductivity (milimho/cm) 1.30 max.
Residue on Sieve 300 Mesh 0.5 % Max
Loss on Ignition 8.5 to 10%
Water Solubles 0.5% max
Zinc Content (as ZnO) on Ignited Basis 50.5 to 51.5%
Phosphate (as P04 Calcined Basis) 47.5 to 50%
Moisture 0.5% max
Residue on Sieve 300 Mesh 0.5 % Max
Zinc Oxide Content (ZnO) 68%
Chromium Oxide (Cr03) 17%
Sulphates (SO4) 0.1% max
Chlorides (Cl) 0.05% max
Nitrates (NO3) 0.05% max
Water Solubles 0.05% max
Residue on Sieve 300 Mesh 0.5% Max
ZINC CHROME K2 CrO4 .3ZnCro4 .Zn(OH)2
Volatile Matter 1.0% max
Water Solubles 0.5% max
Chromic Anhydride (Cr03) 43% min
Total Zinc (as ZnO) 36.5‐40%
Alkali Metal Content (as K20) 10 ‐ 12%
Water Solubles 1.0% max
Chlorides (Cl) 0.1% max
Sulphates (SO4) 0.1% max
Nitrates (NO3) 0.1% max
Water Soluble Chromate 0.25‐05%
Residue on Sieve 300 Mesh 0.5% Max